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In the year 2XYZ aliens came to earth, human's plasma guns turned useless, causing the destruction of society.  4 months later, while searching for food, a man discovers that rocks can make the aliens explode. He decides to use these grey heavy bullets to stop the invasion of the evil squids.


Level 1- W to throw, A & D to move, SPACE to jump, Mouse to aim.

Level 2 & Boss- W & A & D to move, SPACE to throw, Mouse to aim.


Coding, Pixel art, Game/Level/Boss design, Concept art- Electrogames

Mustafo 3d model & animations, Boss design - Nate Robertons (@n8bomb)

I'll always remember this game as the first game a made with the help of another person, for me this game is very important. 

Thank you Nate, thank you Indie World Order

Unga Bunga


Rock_squid_pop.exe 8 MB

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