A downloadable Woter for Windows

A strange airship appeard out of nowhere, coming for the giant flower of Flower Hills. Scared, the flower calls two water cans fo help, a blue one to destroy the enemies, and a red one to refill the flower's energy.

Two players are recommended


P1 - Move: WASD   Attack: C

P2 - Move: Arrows Attack: M


Woter.zip 5 MB


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This is a delightful little co-op game that plays like a sort of arcade game! There are some lovely details with the game mechanics here including finite sprays, recharges, the big buttons for a one-off attack bonus, and different player roles. This is a cute idea for a ten-day jam and it looks like it nailed the pastoral tone for their theme. Good work!


Thank you! The red player's abilty came from me being a little lazy, I replaced all the blue colors with red and I didn't want to fix the red water, so I gave it a unique role